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How To Dye Your Own Yarn

Copyright 2006 Emma Snow

Dying your own yarn is not difficult and can be fun! There are a lot of methods for dying, but the one I like best uses unsweetened drink mixes, such as Kool-Aid or Flavor-Aid and a microwave. You must use 100% wool yarn (or another protein fiber) for the color to take. I?ve used Fisherman?s Wool with good results. To prepare the wool, make bundles of about two ounces each, tied with a short string. (I use yarn to tie my bundles, and then keep the ties on index cards with details on the yarn and amounts of mix I used for future reference. I experiment a lot!)

Soak wool bundles in hot water with a squirt of liquid dish soap for ? hour. While the bundles are soaking prepare your dye. You can use plastic cups for mixing. I like to mix up a bunch in a plastic container with a lid and store it for later use. Start with one package of drink mix for each ounce fiber you intend to dye. Mix with six ounces water and two ounces distilled white vinegar.

In summary: For each ounce fiber:

1 pkg. drink mix

6 oz. water

2 oz. vinegar

Feel free to experiment. The more drink mix you use, the brighter the color will be. You can mix several colors in separate cups and spatter the yarn with a turkey baster (or paint brush, or eye dropper?) or you can combine different flavors to get a blend.

Line a Pyrex-type glass casserole dish with plastic wrap, and remove the yarn from its bath. Carefully squeeze out the excess water. If you agitate the yarn too much it will start to felt, so you want to be very gentle! Place the yarn on the plastic wrap and pour the dye over it. Make sure all the yarn gets covered by the dye mix.

Wrap the plastic tightly around the yarn. You may want to secure the ends with masking tape, but it?s not necessary. Squish the liquid around again to make sure all the yarn has been covered. Microwave the bundle in the glass dish on high for two minutes. Remove the dish from the microwave and let rest for two minutes more. Check to see if the liquid is clear. Be careful, as it will be very hot! Keep hands and face away from the bundle in case steam is released.

If the liquid is not clear, return the bundle back to the microwave for another two minutes at a time. When the liquid is colorless it is finished. Remove the plastic wrap and rinse carefully in hot water. Feel free to let the yarn cool in the air. I set mine outside on the patio. As yarn cools you may use cooler water to rinse. (The more extremes it is exposed to, the more likely it is to felt.)

When the yarn is cool enough to handle, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry. My neighbors know it has been a dying day when they see the multi-colored streamers swooping around my tree branches out front! On wet days I drape yarn on hangers and let it dry inside. Be sure to line the floor with towels or newspapers to catch the drips.

Just as few finishing notes: This microwaving method is best if you are dying a small quantity of yarn and want to achieve a mottled effect. For a more uniform effect, you can dye yarn in a large pan on the stovetop. I have also tried dying finished articles, which worked fine, although the color will settle deeper in some spots. One of the most charming results of dying with drink mixes is that the finished yarn smells something like its flavor. Yum!

The Fun That Corryvreckan Boat Trips Bring

Are you stumped for holiday ideas to consider? It is indeed hard to choose the kind of holiday that will make your family truly happy especially if you are running out of great options. One thing you can do for you to ensure that you are going to make your holiday truly worth remembering and unique is to opt for boat trips. You can surely see the great difference once you opt for Corryvreckan Boat Trips because it lets you enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising on your budget. It will surely be the kind of holiday where everything is possible.

There are lots of sightseeing opportunities you can truly enjoy once you opt for boat trips. It is something that makes every member of the family happy because they have a lot to discover. You can be sure that you will enjoy every minute of your holiday because you have a lot of great options to choose from. These boat trips are indeed fun and they are the kind of holiday where you can really enjoy regardless of how you define a meaningful holiday. With these boat trips, there is an assurance that you really are going to enjoy to the fullest because you have a lot of great thing to look forward to.

It is always great to consider Corryvreckan Boat Trips because it has a way of bringing pure enjoyment to holiday goers who want to make sure that they will not let pleasure take backseat. They are not disappointed because aside from the natural beauty of nature to explore, you will also be able to be in awe with the charm of various attractions. It is really something that can give you more opportunities to make the most out of your most awaited holiday. You will surely not regret this kind of holiday because it has everything you need.

People who want to experience unadulterated holidays surely love the idea of considering this trip. It is something that makes every holiday worthwhile because it includes everything you need so you will be able to enjoy without even a single thing to worry about. If you really want to enjoy and have a blast, this is something that you should opt. It gives you more opportunities to explore mother nature and also to relax your mind. Do not hesitate to give this boat trip a try if you really want your holiday to be worth remembering.

Visiting The Orchard Country Winery

There are so many things to do and places to go in Door County that it is hard to pick what to do. There never seems to be enough time to do everything. There’s boating, golfing, a nature center, several parks, biking, hiking, shopping, eating (one of my favorite things to do!), and a host of other things to do and see in Door County. Because I enjoy Door County so much I wanted to share some of my activities and experiences there. One of those was a visit to Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery and Market.

If you like wine, a really fun thing to do is to visit several of the wineries in Door County (Door Peninsula Winery is another popular Door County Winery). Orchard Winery, located on Hwy 42, just south of Fish Creek, Wisconsin was one of our stops during a fall trip to Door County.

In addition to a winery and fresh Door County cherries (when in season), the main market building on the grounds offers many different specialty food items as well as fresh baked pies. Also offered are scenic trolley tours of the area and tours of the winery. Other seasonal activities at the orchard include horse drawn sleigh rides, haunted hayrides, and a winter wine fest.

When my husband, my oldest grown son, and I stopped at the winery it was later in the afternoon in the middle of the week. The last winery tour for the day had already ended. We were disappointed to have missed out on the tour, but instead we headed to the wine tasting bar in the main building. At the tasting bar we were given a list of all the wines offered by the winery. There are over 30. Complimentary tasting of up to 8 wines is offered to all patrons over 21 years of age.

After mulling over the choices for a few minutes we started sipping wines. The winery specializes in fruit wines, particularly cherry, because of the great cherry growing climate in Door County. They also offer one homegrown grape wine made with red grapes grown on the winery grounds, a wine named Audrey Grace. It is a dry wine, a new offering from the winery. The grapevines were planted just a few years ago to see how they would perform in the cool, short growing season of Door County.

Although the winery specializes in fruit wines, they have other offerings made with various grapes, but those wines are not made on the premises because those fruits are not native to the area. Some of the other wines are made on the premises but with juice bought just for that purpose. For instance, our hostess at the wine bar told us the juice for their semi dry wine called Swedish Lingonberry is imported from Sweden.

Other wines that we tasted and really enjoyed were the Autumn Harvest wine, a cranberry apple wine; Sweet Cherry wine, a nicely sweet wine made with Door County cherries; Strawberry Lyte, not a diet wine but a delicious lighter-tasting wine; Blackberry Blend, a very good wine that tasted like sweet blackberries; and Red Raspberry Lyte, another lighter-tasting wine that’s a combination of white grapes and raspberries.

We were told the top selling wine at the winery is the Blackberry Blend. The number two seller is the Red Raspberry Lyte. The winery’s best-selling cherry wine is their Cherry Blossom wine.

After tasting several wines we headed over to the bottled wine section of the store and stocked up on our favorites. Back home, we’ll be able to enjoy the wine and reminisce about our trip to Door County.

A Guide To Student Travel

Student travel is a very popular thing to do these days. There are many things you need to consider before packing up and just going. You will want to create a plan, determine financial information, and where your stay, what to visit while there, and how you plan to get around when you get there.

You will want to make sure that you take into consideration any passport requirements, immunizations, visas, driver’s license, and other information that you will need to scrutinize under a microscope before you go. Just make sure to figure out all the documentation that you will need to be able to go to the country you have chosen. Also ensure that you have received the immunizations that you will need as documentation for the travel. You will be asked for it at some point in your trips, so be prepared.

In regards to being prepared, also be sure to pack everything you need to be able to make the trip safely and without needing to purchase anything beyond food and drink. You will find that your trip is much cheaper if you do take everything you need up front. If you plan to go backpacking, make sure that you pack light, but also make sure that you have included all the essentials. You can find resources online or through a travel agency that will allow you to create a very dependable list of items you will need.

Determine your purpose for going to the country. Do you want to work while you are there? Are you just going to school as an exchange student? Will you be creating time for the charity organizations in the area? Creating a plan of what you are going to be doing while in the new country is always wise. You need to look at the possible documentation that you will need such as a work visa to work in that country. You may need other documentation for studying abroad, or to for volunteering your time to a charity of your choice.

You will want to determine the cheapest means of getting there safely. Take into consideration where you will be staying, how you will get around, where you will be going to visit, and other side amusements. You can create a creative itinerary that allows you to do everything you want on a very distinctive budget. You will also need to take into consideration the ability to maintain contact with loved ones who are in the country you are presently in. You will want to add this expense to your budget also by calculating the exchange rates or international calling rates from the country you will be in to the country you presently live in.

In conclusion, you can travel abroad, be safe and see a lot. You will be able to create a favorable introduction to other cultures, all the while contributing in some way to their culture. Always respect them and remember to take a book with common phrases with you everywhere so you can communicate effectively with the people in the area. You should have a basic comprehension of the language already so that when they speak to you, you can understand them.

Hiring a Harbour Cruise For Lunch or Dinner Party

One of the greatest enjoyments of owning and skippering a historic ship is the pleasure of sharing the experience with the passengers who sail with us. I have spent more than twenty years working in sailing ships, and while I love the ships and the ocean life, it is really the people who make it worthwhile. I left school at sixteen to serve an apprenticeship in ship building at Cockatoo Island. After the launch of HMAS Success I joined the First Fleet Re-enactment in 1987 as a trainee crew. It was this event that gave me a rich appreciation of life aboard a square rigger. Now I am clarifying between lunch and dinner harbour cruise party.

Dinner harbour cruise includes a 2 hour cruise with a selection of different wines to taste and a substantial finger food dinner. The menu includes delicious food like prawn skewers barbequed, chicken cocktail skewers barbequed, gourmet chipolatas with zesty tomato relish, mini spinach quiches, Selection of savory profiteroles filled with beef, seafood mornay, vegetables and spinach, quiche cocktail Lorraine, Spinach & cheese triangles, barbequed chorizo pieces and cheese pastizzis. Adults can also enjoy with different types of wines.

A lunch harbour cruise package includes 2 and half hours onboard, laser clay shooting competition, a delicious Aussie BBQ lunch with seafood, and complementary drink if you book online. Laser-clay shooting is an original and interactive activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in totally safety without harming the environment. Get a group of mates, family or colleagues together and have fun finding out who is the best marksman. In each round, five “modern pirates” line up on the deck of our magnificent tall ship to shoot at the same target with their laser shotguns. The target (the clay) is launched into the air at various speed and angles and each player has to fire twice at the target. Each gun is micro-chipped and linked to an electronic scoreboard. Points are awarded if the target is hit and the results are electronically calculated and displayed on the scoreboard. At the end of the competition the player or team with the most points gets the glory!

It’s not truly any surreptitious that a Tall Ships makes for an exciting, entertaining and unforgettable event but what few people grasp is that there are also a number of Tall Ships that cater specifically to corporate clients for a memorable meeting or business spree. Sydney is an unbelievable place for any type of occasion, but the gorgeous peaceful waters of the harbor, attached with a smooth coast on an wonderful personal vessel appear to be the great recipe for the best corporate event possible.

While private lunch or dinner parties can be really good for peoples, they can also boomerang on event. The reason that private parties can boomerang is that while the party mood might be there, it might at the same time not be good enough to conquer the logic of work that people get when they are with their colleagues, in spite of what the conditions happen to be. Entertainment factor is therefore a big contract when it comes to private parties and when it comes to creating that issue, there are only some places better than a cruise.

Soak In The Beauty Of The Greek Islands

If you want to take a breather from your monotonous life and work in the city, the best thing to do is travel. Fly to a destination that has a relaxing atmosphere and magnificent sights. The Greek Islands are among the most beautiful locations in the whole world, which is why there are millions of people flying to the country each year. The natural features of Greece are diverse. Its islands consist of forests, high mountains, hillsides, olive groves, old temple ruins, and clear beaches. With the beauty that the Greek Islands have to offer, you will surely have a great and enjoyable experience.

The Greek Islands are full of far-off locations that are perfect for a silent commune with the nature. If you want to have a peace of mind, you will be able to get this, when you travel to Greece. The serenity of the country will allow you to commune with nature and with its history. With all the wonderful sights and entertaining activities of the Greek Islands, a weekend is not enough. You surely will want to return each year. With each visit, you will not feel disappointed since there are a lot of things to keep you up.

With all the attractions and activities that await you when you travel to the Greek Islands, you need to have a plan. Before you travel to Greece, you have to obtain Greek islands information from travel guides. There are several sources, where you can get travel tips and info about the islands of Greece. You can find these in brochures and travel magazines. You can also look for info on the Web. The Internet has hundreds of websites that offer facts and tips regarding the Greek Islands. One of these online sites is Hellasclub. With this source, you will be able to know where to find a hotel accommodation that has the most amiable services.

The Greek Islands information of Hellasclub will help you prepare your travel. It will provide you with a list of hotels, allowing you to book an accommodation in advance. With the list of attractions, you will know where to find the historical or entertaining spots. You will also know where to take your family for dinner or lunch. These types of information are very important. You need to know where you will be heading in order for you to save time. When you have a list of activities for everyone, you will be able to avoid making time-consuming decisions.

The Greek Islands are full of sights that are amazing, naturally and historically. You can check out the temple ruins of Athens or its bustling metropolis. You can also visit ancient Acropolis or the monasteries within Meteora. Compared to all the Greek Islands, Crete ranks as the largest. It is well known for its rich and diverse history, scenic mountains, and pristine waters. While there are insightful activities in Greece, there are also lots of fun activities. You can go shopping for jewelries or antiques. If you are fond of nightlife, you can check out the nightclubs.

Hellasclub is not only for travelers who want to acquire Greek islands information. It also caters to entrepreneurs that want to advertise their business, such as hotel accommodations or restaurants.

President's City In Paraguay

This statement refers to the city of Presidente Franco, named after one of the Paraguayan heads of the state (in 1918). It was established in Alto Parana Department in 1929 and nowadays might be considered as one of the small travel spots within a country. However, it is useful to learn something about it before going to:

1. The natural attraction this city is famous for is Monday falls (Saltos del Monday) – 45 meters high marvelous waterfall with a width of 120 meters. There is also a Municipal Park nearby, which appears to be significant biosphere preservation of rare animal and plants. To speak in details, it is the sole remain of Atlantic forest within the area of Parana River. Additionally, tourists will also knowledge a piece of story about Guarani people as far as Monday falls was one of their stops.

2. Presidente Franco is a border city (district) in the eastern part of the country, which determined its fate as big export/import spot. In particular, it is known for a long time as huge fruits and vegetables trading center and nowadays the list of its most popular products is supplemented with timber and mate, national drink of Paraguayans, by the way.

3. Presidente Franco is also called as “City of the three borders”, where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil are linked in one spot. The location of this settlement is characterized by junction of Parana and Monday rivers and beautiful natural landscapes are guaranteed.

4. This city is a biggest river port within the area of the country, Therefore, there is no surprise that its status supplemented by transport communications development has enhanced the rapid progress of Presidente Franco as important trading spot near by the biggest one in Paraguay – Ciudad Del Este. Speaking of which, it is also indicated that nearly a half of town population are employed precisely in Ciudad Del Este.

5. Among travel attractions it is appropriate to note remarkable beaches, which gather lots of tourists during summer and Station Tape Aviru – the place of impudent sport performances; the large conservation of indigenous and endemic wild animals is Monument Scientific Moses Bertoni, which also the core place for local Guarani people, who sell their handicrafts there, alerting an attention to the old culture.

Airport Transfers London And Heathrow Airport Transportation

Why not start your married life in style and hire the services of a luxury chauffeur driven Mercedes S-Class to whisk you off to the airport? Your flight might be from Heathrow or Gatwick, Stansted or Luton and you want to ensure that you reach the airport in plenty of time. Book the services of a chauffer who specialises in Airport Transfers London and your magical honeymoon will start in an idyllic manner. Sat in the back a luxurious Mercedes you’ll feel highly pampered as you think about the fun adventure that’s about to begin. The prices of the Airport Transfers London are quite surprising as they are a lot less than you might imagine. Weigh up the price of a normal taxi service to the airport and you could be in for a big surprise. One thing you won’t have to worry about when you book the Airport Transfers London is the heavy traffic in the city. You can sit and relax and let your vastly experienced chauffeur take the strain. Couples can start their married life in style when they book the luxury Heathrow Airport TransfersLondon. Their cases will be placed into the boot of the mighty Merc and they will then waft to the airport with effortless ease.

When it comes to Heathrow Transportation there are certain companies that stand out from the rest. Some companies claim they can have your consignments in Cornwall first thing in the morning but the reality is they are still struggling to find the address the last thing at night. A local Lincolnshire company strives to provide a service that their customers will come to rely on. When they say they can have a delivery in Dagenham by eight in the morning they will deliver the goods every single time. High customer service levels are achieved by these types of Heathrow Transportation and they deliver a variety of parcels and documents using a fleet of well maintained vehicles. Unlike other courier companies this transport firm use the very latest in satellite technology in City Airport Transfers. They can pinpoint drivers at their customer’s request so they know exactly where they are at any given time. On the odd chance when their route might be hindered by delays new routes can be planned from the depot. A quick call to the driver can tell them where to divert to so that all deliveries can be made on time. When it comes to Heathrow Transportation there are certain firms that stand head and shoulders above the rest and the local Lincolnshire firm falls into this category.

Thailand Travel

Considered a ?Southeast Asian Paradise?, Thailand is a favorite holiday destination for travelers. Whenever you plan a trip to Thailand, the first place that comes to your mind is Bangkok. Thailand travel guide takes you around some of the untouched places, unraveling more mystery of the land. A blend of urbanization and natural beauty, Thailand has everything to offer for today?s discerning traveler. While the beauty of the national parks and the unending beaches enthrall you, the endless list of Thailand hotels will spoil you for choice.

Whether you are looking for high-end or mid-range or cheap hotels in Thailand, you get loads of options. Stay at your choice of accommodation and gear up for an unforgettable holiday in Thailand. The country consists of 76 provinces, of which the capital Bangkok is the main administrative division. The local people are devout followers of Buddhism. However, followers of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam co-exist with each other. The Khmer ruins or religious temples, prime symbols of the Buddhist religion are found in Sisaket in north-eastern Thailand today. The festivals of Thailand help you catch a glimpse of the rich culture of Thailand. Magha Bucha Day, Songkran Day, Coronation Day, Royal Ploughing Ceremony,Visakha Bucha, Asanha Pucha Day, Chulalongkorn Day, Buffalo Racing and Loy Krathong are times when Thailand gets immersed in color and vibrancy.

Know about the weather of Thailand through Thailand travel guide and plan your visit accordingly. The country for most parts of the year remains hot and humid. Sisaket and other parts of Northeastern Thailand witnesses a three-season monsoonal weather conditions. The months of November and February remain cool and dry. The months of March and May remain hot and sultry. The rainy season falls between the months of June and October. Thailand is best visited during the months of February and March, when the climate remains cool, as the northeast Monsoon wind blows during this time.

The Mekong River takes its course along the Thai-Laos border winding its way with mysteries of the past. Thailand boasts an extensive network of transportation facilities. Almost all places in Thailand enjoy road connectivity with Bangkok?s Northern Bus Terminal, Bangkok?s Northeastern Bus Terminal, Bangkok?s Southern Bus Terminal, Bangkok?s Eastern Bus Terminal. The Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bang Sue Train Station and Thonburi Train Stations are the chief railway stations in Bangkok. If you are flying in, you will arrive at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and avail buses to travel to nearby places in Thailand.

Bangkok?s Chinatown or the elephant town in Surin or the verdant province of Loei, Wat Phra Kaew temple of Emerald Buddha in Chiang Rai or the beautiful beaches of Ko Samui or the ruins of the Wiang Kum Kam in Chiang Mai, Thailand has a host of colorful attractions to blow your mind.

If you are wondering about where to stay in Thailand, you will get numerous options. From luxury to mid-range and cheap hotels, Thailand has a wide variety of accommodation options on offer catering to every taste and mood. If you are a budget traveler looking for cheap Thailand hotels, you can avail of online discount hotel booking services and know more about the hotel discount rates and other attractive deals.

5 Historic Hotels In Havana

Havana is a city steeped in history, and there?s certainly plenty of culture and echoes from the past amongst many of its main tourist attractions. But for those who really want to absorb themselves in a historical holiday in Cuba, these luxury hotels in Havana all have their own claims to fame. From famous events to people, these Havana hotels all have a story to tell within their walls?

Hotel Ambos Mundos

While few would argue that the Hotel Ambos Mundos is the best hotel in Havana, it does have one very strong endorsement ? one that the management has been promoting for decades: between 1932 and 1939, Ernest Hemingway stayed at the hotel, and room 551 is where he wrote the first few chapters of ?For Whom the Bell Tolls?. It was clearly his favourite room, and is now preserved as a shrine to the legendary author, with his affects ? including the typewriter he worked on ? exactly as he left them when he moved into his own house 9 miles outside of Havana. Local drinking establishments Hemingway was said to favour include La Bodeguita and La Floridita, so if you work up a thirst on your Cuba holiday, you can enjoy a mojito to Hemingway?s specifications.

Hotel Riviera

Notorious gangster Meyer Lansky (known for his work in The Commission and heading up Murder Inc. in the US) used his relationship with corrupt Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar to build this casino and luxury hotel in Havana in 1957. It was short lived though, as Zaldivar was overthrown by the Cuban revolution just two years later, and the casino was shut down, with the hotel becoming property of the state. In its two years of Vegas style glory, it managed to attract celebrities from around the globe.

Hotel Nacional

The Nacional hotel in Havana has the longest list of celebrity visitors in the whole of Cuba. Holiday making celebrities included actors Errol Flyn, Marlon Brando and Buster Keaton, historical figures Winston Churchill, Alexander Flemming, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, and even various Italian-American gangsters such as Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello.

Santa Isabel Hotel

The Santa Isabel is another luxury Havana hotel that?s popular with celebrity visitors to the island. Amongst the likes of Jack Nicholson, Jake Bloom, Bruce Willis, Sting, Naomi Campbell and Robert Plant are heads of state including King Juan Carlos II and former US president Jimmy Carter. His 2002 visit was the first person to hold that high office to visit the island since 1928 when Calvin Coolidge attended the Pan American Conference in Havana.

Hotel Inglaterra

Although time has been less kind to the Hotel Inglaterra, its heritage speaks for itself. As well as hosting guests from the world the arts (Garcia Lorca, Sara Bernhardt, Anna Pavlova) and sports (Jose Raul Capablanca and Ramon Fonst), the Inglaterra was host to Cuban national hero Jos? Mart??s famous speech in homage to Manuel Marquez Sterling in 1879. More recently, the hotel has hosted Frei Betto ? one of the creators of the Liberation theology.
While some of these Havana hotels may not be the most luxurious in town, what they lose in features and decadence, they more than make up for in character in history. If you want to walk in the footsteps of Winston Churchill, Federico Garcia Lorca or Ernest Hemingway, the historical hotels of Havana provide the perfect place to hang your hat on a Cuba holiday.